If you are relocating to Spain and want to have your NIE upon your arrival, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and the stress of queues, you can hire our NIE APPLICATION SERVICE. This services is provided by Immigration lawyers, who will be getting the NIE Certificate for you, by the means of a Power of Attorney.

The NIE is the most important and most used document for a foreigner in Spain, as it is equal to the ID of a Spanish National. It is used to deal with Administration and for taxes as well. You will need it to connect your services, to get a mobile contract or internet at home, for most services you will be required to provide your NIE.

If you are not fluent in Spanish or do not speak the language at all, you will have to deal with Public Officers who do not speak in english, which can make the application process complicated to the foreign applicant.

The service has been used by plenty of people relocating to Spain, turning their relocation process a happy experience.

In 2 weeks you will receive the NIE certificate in your Home Address.

Apply for your NIE Now!