1. Living in Spain

a) Non-Lucrative Residence Visa

This visa entitles the applicant to reside in Spain without undertaking work or professional activity. Non EU nationals who want to reside in Spain temporarily, without performing any lucrative activity, must apply for this type of visa.

They need to justify they have sufficient financial means to cover their expenses while living in Spain. Should the applicant wish to reside with their family.

This application requires to be presented in person, at the diplomatic misión or consular office of their residence.

It is always advisable to be represented in such applications by an immigration attorney, who will make the process smoother and will contact the consulate office ron your behalf. The attorney knows the spanish immigration laws and the application process thus assuring to obtain a positive answer from the Spanish authorities.

b) Residence Visa for Retirees

For Europeans and other foreigners, Spain is the most popular country in Europe to buy, rent, or invest in real estate. With an excellent infrastructure such as: international schools and first-class medical facilities. Whether you are looking for more exclusive areas such as the smart marina resort of Puerto Banus or to experience the Andalucian way of life in Granada, Spain has many sceneries to offer and a wide variety of lifestyle options.

The Residency permit for retirees allows a foreigner to reside in Spain as a pensioneer without working.

The Royal Decree 2393/2004 recognizes the possibility to obtain a non-lucrative residency card to those applicants who prove to be pensioners or beneficiaries of a Government regular and life payment or a private pension.

You will need to certify that you receive social security and its monthly amount. As well as, proof of any other source of income that you might have, such as properties in Spain. You need to be covered by a private health insurance wi in Spain throughout your stay.

c) Family Regrouping Residence Permit

This visa enables the applicant to enter Spain when exercising the right to family reunification. Family members of residents in Spain who have legally resided for at least one year and have the right to reside for at least another year, can apply for for family regrouping.

Regardless the resident´s nationality, the following family members can apply and receive the residence permit :

  • Spouse, civil partner or de facto partner.
  • Children and those of his/her spouse, under 18 years of age ( must not be married). The foreign resident will have to prove that he/she has legal custody or he/she is her/his legal representative.
  • Parents, when they are financially dependant on the foreign resident and the reasons need to be justified.

The spanish resident applying for a residence permit for the reunification of his or her relatives must present proofs to have enough financial means to cover the family member´s needs, including healthcare, in accordance with certain minimum amounts.