Spanish Nationality through Spanish Parents

The law presents foreign nationals the option to elect Spanish nationality as long as certain criteria apply:

– Those born from Spanish mother of father or those whose father or mother was Spanish and was born in Spain.
– Those born in Spain if at least one of the parents, was born in Spain (with the exception for children of diplomats).
– Those under 18 who are adopted by a Spanish national. If the adoptee is 18 years may opt for Spanish nationality within two years after the establishment of adoption.
– Those who are or have been subject to the parental authority of a Spanish national. – Those whose determination of filiation or birth in Spain occur after eighteen years of age.
In this case, the deadline for requesting nationality is two years since determining the filiation or birth.

Who can opt for Spanish nationality?

– For minors or those not deemed capable of making decisions; the parent or legal guardian can declare the option.
– Over 14s can opt themselves with assistance of their legal guardian.
– Those not deemed capable of making decision may have the possibility of declaring the option with assistance of their guardian if the capability assessment allows for it.
– The individual himself, up to 2 years after reaching maturity under the law they fall under (their current nation’s maturity law). As maturity is usually reached at 18, the deadline tends to be on the 20th birthday.

Where it the option declared? The option is exercised at the civil registry of the individual’s home town (or that of his guardian) or your local Spanish Consulate.