20 Abr

The modifications to the regulations are intended to reinforce the rights of migrants and “simplify” procedures.

During 2024, an important reform will be carried out in the Immigration Regulations that, among other changes, will simplify procedures and strengthen the protection of migrants. This novelty was announced on December 28 by the Minister of Inclusion, Security and Migration, Elma Saiz, and hopes to be approved in 2024 through a Royal Decree-Law.

In this way, the government of the European nation seeks to further make the necessary requirements more flexible so emigrants who want to settle in its territory can access formal employment more easily.


 We summarize the new features provided for in this new standard:


Simplification of procedures

Currently, there are many types of permits, authorizations, renewals, etc., which require many requirements and documentation from applicants, which can sometimes lead to management errors. With the new standard, the aim is to reduce the number of documentation procedures requested to simplify these procedures, and ensure that they are carried out more efficiently to avoid inconveniences.


Transposition of two European regulations

This new reform will also bring with it the transposition of two European regulations approved by the Government of Spain:


  • The Single Permit Directive, which will streamline the procedure for a combined work and residence permit, in addition to reinforcing labor protection.
  • The Long-Term Residence Directive, which aims to improve the rights of long-term residents and their families.

Other purposes of the Reform of the Immigration Regulations in 2024 are:

  • Reduction of processing times.
  • Facilitate procedures and make requirements more flexible.
  • Delete some authorizations that have become inapplicable with the creation of other new authorizations. We already know that there are countless types of authorizations (residence for internships, residence to start a business project, temporary residence and work as an employee, long-term residence authorization, among many others, as well as one of the most innovative what Rooting is like for training).
  • Improve the rights and conditions of foreigners in Spain.
  • Facilitate the access of foreigners to the labor market. If you are a foreigner and are interested in finding work, sign up for our roots job board.

This new Reform of the Immigration Regulation will mean the repeal of some articles of the regulation, that is, the rule that develops the concepts of the Immigration Law.

We will be attentive to all the news in this regard and tell you how all these changes that are coming for this year affect or benefit you. If you want more information about this news, do not hesitate to contact us!