Nationality through residence in Spain

If someone’s been legally residing in Spain for 10 years without interruption at the moment of applying, that person can obtain Spanish nationality. In some circumstances, the required period of residence can even be lower:
– 5 years for those with refugee status
– 2 years for Ibero-American nationals and those of Portugal, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea and those with Sephardic Jewish ancestry.
– 1 year for

o Individuals born in Spain
o People who did not take the opportunity to obtain nationality by option
o Those who’ve been under official foster care or legal guardianship of a Spanish national or institution for 2 years without interruption
o People who’ve been married to a Spanish national for at least 1 year and are not legally or de facto separated when applying.
o People who’ve been widowed from a Spanish national and were not legally or de facto separated at the time of death.
o People born abroad from Spanish parents that were also born abroad and whose grandparents are or were all Spanish nationals.

To obtain Spanish nationality through residence you also need to demonstrate you’ve integrated properly in Spain and are a good citizen.

Who can apply?

– The person himself if they are mature (over 18)
– Over fourteens with assistance of their legal guardian
– Legal guardians of those under fourteen.
– Legal guardians of those deemed incapable of decision making.

Where to apply?

At the Civil Registry of the individual’s home town (or that of his guardian).