23 Jul

There are several ways of obtaining visa that will enable you to settle in Spain.

There is a new law project being finalised that will offer the route of obtaining visa by purchasing a home. In May 2013 the text was passed by the Cabinet and it will bar any exceptional circumstances pass Congress later in the same year. In an earlier draft, the law would give leave to reside to purchasers of real estate exceeding €160,000, but this requirement has now been restricted to purchases exceeding €500,000. Within the revised version of the law, there’s also provision to allow certain expert workers and entrepreneurs that will create employment opportunities a quicker route to Spanish residency.

We offer a wealth visa service for those with the financial security to be able to settle in Spain without seeking to work here.

For those looking to invest into a company here and settle in Spain via that avenue we can recommend our investor visa service.

If you are a business or corporation looking to transfer employees into Spain, then our corporate visa service will meet your needs.

Settling into Spain requires going through the following process:

  • In your country of origin you submit a visa application at the Spanish embassy.
  • The central administration in Spain receives and processes your application.
  • The embassy in your country of origin will notify you when your application has been successful and you should pick up your visa within a month.
  • Your visa to travel to Spain will have a validity of 90 days, you must enter Spain during that term.
  • After arriving in Spain, you have 1 month to obtain a residency permit and an NIE number.
  • Your residency permit should be renewed regularly. The original permit grants you a year’s residence in Spain, but when your circumstances allow you to remain a resident, that residency permit can be renewed for an undefined number of times.


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